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What is a Political Map?

Exotic or Political maps are designed to show governmental boundaries of countries, states, and counties, the place of cities, and they usually consist of bodies of water.

Like the sample above colours are frequently used to assist the user to distinguish between nations. People often are looking for terms such as India map HD image and India political map outline. All the images and map on our site are free to download. Most of the images are in png or jpg format.

Political Map of India

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india political map outline

india map with states

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india map hd

india map hd

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Vector Image of India Map

political map of india

political map of india

blank outline map of india

Outline Map Of India


ancient indian map, railway map of india

ancient railway map of india

Different Types of Maps

Physical map: Physical maps display the physical qualities of a location, including water and land features such as mountains, rivers, deserts, and oceans. Physical maps use colors to distinguish between the elevations of these features in addition to various features, although for understanding altitude maps are considerably more useful.

Topographic map: Topographic maps also exhibit features, using contour lines instead of colour to reveal changes such as elevation. The spacing of contour lines are even and help differentiate between steep and flat features; for instance, a mountain may have many closely stitched contour lines to reveal steepness and a high elevation, whereas flatlands might have spread aside contour lines to reveal flatness and a low elevation.

Road map: Roadmaps are used to show highways and streets with varying degrees of detail, in addition to significant locations like connecting cities or even parks. Roadmaps differentiate between roads’ dimensions; whereas a street could be grey and narrow, for instance, a highway will be broad and crimson.

Climate map: Climate maps communicate information about an area’s climate conditions, such as precipitation and temperature. Climate maps are also to differentiate between various climate zones, such as tundra climates or Mediterranean.

Political map

Economic map: Fiscal or Economic maps exhibit the arrangement of natural resources and economic activity in an area. Economic maps are usually color-coded to distinguish between the various resources or activity present inside the area.


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